Abstract Inspiration for Project 1.3

Alexis Granwell, Benjamin Edwards, Mehretu, Sara Sie, Tileston… Look how these artists create space and mood!  

Source: Abstract Inspiration for Project 1.3


Artists in 2016

Since we are all very much interested in art and the art world, I thought this article was for anyone who wants to know who the most influential living artists are this year.


Project 4 on the DP

Our project on Trump’s cabinet appointments was featured in an article by the Daily Pennsylvanian. It is rewarding to see how art activism is celebrated at Penn, and how this class allowed us as students to use art to make impacting social commentary.

DP link




The Event of a Thread


This installation happened in New York which I for the first time did not get the meaning of this piece of art however, the video that made from this installation gave me some hints that the artist might want to arouse peaceful feelings and the sense of time.I thought this installation could be regarded as an good example of making full use of the space. The film as well as the music composed for the film stay coherent to the whole mood of the installation.

Sound Visualization

Our first project this semester  was the visualization of the sound by graphic design. I am wondering what it will be like if we combine animation with the visualization of the sound. I found this great stop motion animation which visualized the sound in a pretty interesting way.

Noise: A Visualization of Sound through Stop Motion



Emotion Sensitive Dress

I really enjoyed this intersection between science, fashion and art, particularly because I am making a wearable about emotions.

Have People Made Installations with Cardboard Boxes?

Our group is considering using cardboard boxes to support our images, so I was curious to know how cardboard has withstood the elements in an outdoor installation. It turns out it was less so about the weather and more about people who the artist should have been concerned with. The tower, which was created by french artist Grossetete, was knocked over by the same children who helped to build him. It is interesting to know that temporary materials like cardboard present opportunities for temporary structeres where the ahdience can manipulate them.

People Looking at Art

Is a work of art more about the piece itself or the way people interact with a piece. These photographs capture beautiful postures, gestures and glances between museum goers. They almost integrate themselves into the works.

Public Art that Makes you Move: Cloud Gate


The Chicago Cloud Gate

CloudGate, made by Anish Kapoor, otherwise known as the Bean, is hugely popular in Chicago. Located right by the Art Institute of Chicago, this huge silvery sculpture always draws an enormous of crown of people walking around and taking pictures of their reflection, and watching others walking around and taking pictures of their reflection. Art, particularly public art, that causes people to give a physical reaction, in my opinion, should be considered a success.

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