The ideas in the following article emphasizes a mutual relations between public art and the community or the public space it uses. Before reading this article I rarely thought about the selection of the public space might also influence the effect of the delivery of the message in the public art.

“At the same time, there is more happening in public art today to engage with the public space in which works are sited. More than ever before, public artworks are stimulating and inviting active dialogue rather than just passive observation, thereby fostering social interaction that can even lead to a sense of social cohesion among the viewers themselves. Maybe this is happening because some planners, artists, and architects are no longer afraid to see themselves as resources, facilitators, and collaborators, rather than as experts.”

This paragraph seems quite inspiring to me as I still hang around the campus for ideas  for project 4. Instead simply display some art works, I would rather now involving my schoolmates to participate in this art project and in this process both sides, the creator of the art work and the participants might more or less get something new about their life.


The group Civic Center, in New Orleans, has lead many participatory public art projects. (

Collaborative, Creative Placemaking: Good Public Art Depends on Good Public Spaces