This piece reminds me of our last project, as it is made up of small pieces of folded paper. It was done by Kwan-Young Chun.
An interesting installation by Eric Baudart. I’m not quite sure whats going on here, but I’d be interested to read more about it.
Photographic print by David Wojnarowicz. 
A cool photograph by Richard Learoyd. 


One of the biggest art shows in the world in happening this weekend in Miami, featuring many of the most prominent Modern and contemporary artists. They also have a whole section of public art works, which is how this sort of relates to our class. Regardless, if you are interested in the trends and sensibilities of art today, the pieces shown at Art Basel are a good place to start. Pictured are a few of my favorites that I found in their online catalog. If you ever get a chance to go to Art Basel, it seems like a party.